"I got the privilege of knowing Maggie as part of a group about 6 month ago. Maggie's personality wisdom and unique approach caught my attention and when she became a leader of a group I rushed to join (even if it required much longer driving ,my most unfavorable activity) . And boy I didn't regret a minute. Maggie assisted me in my life journey. She assisted me to except the changes and to start being excited of the future. I am in my 50 and have difficulties in seeing my life as exciting and full of opportunities and Maggie facilitated and facilitating my road to a happier and more fulfilled life. Thank you and I am looking forward to every future meeting with you."


"The Law of Attraction course offered by certified Law of Attraction Coach Maggie Slider is life changing! Through the course I was shown how I can manifest what I chose to achieve. The huge potential of what is possible astounded me. Maggie Slider embodies the Law of Attraction. Her insightfulness, non judgemental, warm and experienced coaching has inspired and motivated me to come out of my comfort zone, dig deep within and move forward. I learnt an invaluable lesson - the power to create a fulfilling and significant life lies within me."


After just one session with Maggie, I felt my life shift. She was just awesome at holding a vision of love and light for me. When the successes started coming just days after our meeting, I texted her and she was quick to reply to my messages, with encouragement and excitement for me. She believes in me like no other friend can. Even my very best friends and family members! And this is so valuable in my manifestation process, because when I share with others they reply with skepticism and that only fuels me self-doubt. I cannot describe the full impact of that session in words, but it is a huge sense of knowing that my soul love is coming to me, the finances I need are coming, the clients, the success, and the solutions to managing my debt are all available. I know now that everything will work out. I feel tapped in and turned on, all day long. Thank-you, Maggie!


I was introduced to Maggie by my sister. She told me Maggie is amazing... at first I was skeptical, not because of her but just in general, I have been to so many counselors, that I have lost track.. the difference between Maggie and them, was she held me accountable along the way and followed up with me to see how I was doing and if I had any concerns or questions. What Maggie has done for me in a span of 3 months, 20 something years off and on, of seeing counselors, none of them could do for me. She genuinely takes a sincere interest in her clients and believes they are capable of so much and more... But the biggest thing is she has had her own struggles and issues and worked on creating the wonderful life we are meant to live. I would highly recommend her.

Ashley Dawnyehl Parker

Founder & Energy Healer of ADWellness

Maggie's sessions have been wildly transformative! Our sessions have brought forth the awareness of my beliefs, their vibrations and have demonstrated the power of shifting your perception to bring forth major breakthrough. My consciousness has greatly expanded as a result of our sessions and my life is a demonstration of sheer abundance and clarity because of it. I am very grateful for the role Maggie plays in my life. As a coach, she is thought-provoking, wise, honest and full of love. As a woman, she is powerful, genuinely kind and inspiring.

Crystal Champagne

Certified Personal & Group Trainer

Maggie has a true gift to connect with people and get to the root of their problems with her knowledge, empathy and gentle guidance.  In just a few sessions Maggie was able to coach me through a very stressful time in my life and provide me with goal oriented exercises that gave me the tools to work with in order to achieve my desired results.


Maggie has been instrumental for helping me put my life back on track. With her coaching and knowledge about the law of attraction I was able to put my marriage and my career in perspective and allow positive energy to be my guide, rather than relying on instinctual and repetitive negative reactions or seeking control. I can honestly say that it's a life-altering experience to put her techniques into practice.


A colleague of mine referred me to Maggie when I was going through a really tough time. Even before I met her, Maggie was counseling me via text to get me through that awful first few days before we met. Since then I have been going to see Maggie and I feel reborn. Not only did she counsel me through that tough time, she is a constantly there to help me through life's ups and downs. She is also teaching me something I have been missing for over 40 years - Self love.  I can't believe how much my life has changed for the better since I started working with her. Thanks Maggie

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